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ROC'N Ride
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Still under development, ROC'N Ride is a rideshare service launching in the Rochester, NY area soon! ROC'N Ride approached Truevine looking for a website that properly showcased their offerings - a place where visitors can get information about their rideshare service, download their app, and even book rides.

Truevine also created the ROC'N Ride logo and has helped with other design elements like business cards and t-shirts. Stay tuned as the full ROC'N Ride website is launched in the coming weeks!

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Project Details

Customer: ROC'N Ride
Location: Rochester, NY
Business Type: Ridesharing Service
Technologies: Truevine CMS, MS SQL, ASP, Responsive, JavaScript, CSS
Linden Overhiser

5 Star Review
I met with Dave and right off we had internet problems at our meeting place (that I picked), but Dave came prepared, and after a few minor adjustments we were off and running with the important part of the meeting. I came to him with many challenging items and no existing website. Dave asked several questions never skipping a beat. He walked me through every step of the process, answering many questions explaining things he could have just responded were above my pay grade, but he didn't, explaining everything clearly and understandably. Knowing I had a deadline and I needed my website launched by a specific date, he worked very fast, hard, and never cut a corner. A few days before his deadline, he presented me with the final product, and I have to say I could not be happier with his work, it was all he promised, and exceeded all my expectations. Since the website launch I have e-mailed him several times and with each e-mail he has responded quickly and completed the request usually within hours. So would I recommend him? Not only would I and have I recommend him to everyone I meet, but I will use no one else for my web design needs.

Linden Overhiser

Roc 'N Ride