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Junior Beach Volleyball
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At Junior Beach Volleyball, the goal is to provide an up-to-the-minute, accurate, fun way for Juniors in Western and Central New York to get in, and stay in the beach volleyball game. There are kids from all over that pick a partner and spend a great day at the beach. There's always music, sometimes a live DJ to drive the beats, BBQ's, sweet prizes, and chances to win a bid into the National Jr Beach Championships. Truevine and Hot Shots Volleyball (the owners of have collaborated on several different projects. Built in WordPress with 100% responsive design, the new web site was exactly what the Hot Shots team was looking for. Being a WordPress website, is fully customizable by the Hot Shots staff, where they can add new events, news items, etc. in a moment's notice.

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Project Details

Customer: Junior Beach Volleyball
Location: Rochester, NY
Business Type: Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball
Technologies: PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Responsive, JavaScript, CSS