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Development Case Study // BIGBLUE DIVE LIGHTS

Bigblue Dive Lights came to us looking for a website overhaul. Bigblue needed a dynamic website that could keep up with their new product offerings. Their existing website was several years old and out-of date. They were paying a web designer to manually add/update products on their website each time they introduced a new light or accessory. This proved to be both costly and inefficient.

Our primary objective was to make sure their products were prominently displayed on their website. Equally as important was the ability to add or edit products on-the-fly. They also wanted a "News & Events" page on their website to keep their customers aware of new product releases, trade shows, events, etc. We worked closely with Bigblue to create a new website that was both visually stimulating and functional.

Below is a series of screenshots (at left) with explanations (at right) briefly outlining how we integrated our customized, easy-to-use content management system with great design to deliver Bigblue a website that was the perfect fusion of good looks and simple management.

Product Summary Page
This is the live website that customers see. A summary page with a list of all the products Bigblue sells. This is all instantly updateable and editable though their easy-to-use Admin section (see below for reference to admin section).
Customers may click on any product on the summary page to see details specific to that product.
Product Detail Page
After clicking on an individual product from the summary page in the above example, customers see a detail page specific to the product they clicked on.
Bigblue has complete control to instantly add, edit or delete information like product description, price, custom product specifications, even product pictures!
Admin Section Login
This is the important part - where the website gets managed. We've developed a web-based management interface that we can customize to your business -- from any computer with internet access.
A secure login screen requires you to enter your email address and password to gain access to your Admin section.
Admin Section Options
Once logged in, you'll have all your options in front of you in an easy-to-understand menu. From here, you may choose to add, edit or delete products, add a news item or special event, etc.
In this example, we clicked on "Products" to be taken to Bigblue's products page.
Admin Product Page
In this example, clicking on the "Products" link from the menu has brought us to the products page. Here you will see a summary of all the products Bigblue sells. Clicking on any individual product will bring up the product detail page allowing you to edit or delete that product.
You also have the ability to add new products. See "Add a New Product" below.
Admin Product Detail Page
This is the product detail page, where you may edit or delete any/all aspects of the product of your choosing. Change the name, description, price, details and specifications.
Sold out of a particular product, but expecting to sell it again soon? No problem! Just check the "Hide From Website" box to temporarily remove it from your website without deleting it!
Product Detail Continued
In addition to everything in the above example, you can also upload pictures of your product.
In this example, Bigblue uploaded 3 different pictures of their product, allowing their customers to see multiple angles of their product. Good pictures and descriptions equals more sales!
Edit or delete product pictures at any time.
Adding new products
Want to add a new product to your website? Here you can build a new product from scratch in minutes. Add all the details, then add pictures if you'd like.
Have multiple product categories? No problem! You can associate products with any category you would like - and even create new categories.